New Northwest Music: Plague Mind – Self Titled

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The mid-2000s were a truly indistinguishable time in the world of melodic hardcore and from killing the dream to go it alone the northwest produced some of the best bands in the genre. With members of Sinking Ships, Love Is Red, and With Honor Seattle’s Plague Mind has really captured that specific sound of the time. The band’s self-titled debut record revives the best parts of melodic hardcore while blending with more aggressive aspects. Check out the bands self-titled record here:

New Northwest Music: Land Of Wolves – Conditions For Survival

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Out come the wolves! Seattle’s Land of Wolves comes at you with 16 new tracks of thrash and east coast inspired punk and hardcore. 16 songs is a pretty rare thing for a hardcore record but the wolves execute a lot of diversity with the tracks by presenting a wide display of the band’s influences. Bands that come to mind while listening to this release are Agnostic Front (Specifically Cause For Alarm), Death Threat, and Wisdom In Chains. The most note-able tracks for me are Plague City and Played Out. Land of Wolves is a Seattle band that puts for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for better or for worse. CRANE CITY HARDCORE FOR LIFE! Listen to “Feels Like The …


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The dream of the ’90s is alive in Tacomas Alt Rock Hit Makers New You. With members that pull from various punk and hardcore bands in the Pacific Northwest area, the group brings a lot of energy to their own brand of power pop that really taps into the catchy guitars and vocals harmonies of 90’s alt-rock giants such as Third Eye Blind And Gin Blossoms. Take it or leave it you can definitely hear these songs on an episode of friends. The band just recently released their latest EP titled “Candy” out now on Lonely Ghost Records. Listen to New You’s Latest Release Here:

New Northwest Music: Avenue East – Ace And Indigo

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Seattle post-hardcore group avenue east brings out their softer pop-rock side in their latest EP titled “Ace and Indigo”. Whether it is intentional or not Avenue East gives a lot of Nods to the late 2000s post-hardcore and pop-punk scene pulling from bands such as secondhand serenade and more hyperlocal bands to Seattle such as Tysen and Moneta. Ace and Indigo is a well-executed concept record that follows the tale of a couple trying to survive an intergalactic war. It’s like Star Wars but more emo. Listen to Avenue Easts Latest Music Here:


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Welcome to the new era of northwest hardcore. Spurr is made up of nwhc new blood that has been going hard the last couple of years playing in multiple bands in the Tacoma Seattle and Bellingham area. Their debut demo combines a blown-out punk hardcore sound with some heavier metal and grind elements. This band is bringing much-needed new energy that is with the current revitalization of the northwest hardcore scene. CHECK OUT SPURRS DEBUT DEMO HERE:


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Seattle’s Kaizo delivers brings sounds of current metallic hardcore to the Pacific Northwest with Discard: Volume II. Kaizo brings the spirit of early 2000’s metalcore such as remembering never and dead to fall to the more relevant sound of bands such as knocked loose and left behind. A band made of most Seattle transplants and yet still very much champions the northwest hardcore diy spirit with being involved in booking shows in the king county area. For a band that has only been active for two years, they have put in a lot of work and deserve your attention. Check out the latest Kaizo release here:

NWCZ Band Of The Month April 2022 – TOARN

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Everett Washington metalcore unit Toarn has been repping Pacific Northwest music for the better part of a decade creating their own brand of metalcore that fuses early 2000’s metalcore influences that pull from bands such as norma jean, haste the day, zao, and living sacrifice and bring it to current and meshes with more current styles of metalcore and deathcore. Their latest LP titled “Lament” has its own authentic style that sets itself apart from current Pacific Northwest metalcore bands. Crushing breakdowns, a wide range of low and piercing vocals with Classic metalcore dissonant chords we have all come to love. If you are a fan of northwest heavy music then toarn is well worth your time. MUSIC VIDEO FOR …


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Heartbreak has never sounded so good.Seattle group La Fonda has been delivering their own chill blend of calming indie pop and surf rock for the past 6 years. This sister-leded group brings you songs of introspection, pain, remorse reflection and healing all in a palatable and infectiously catchy package. Their 2021 release titled “New Self Old Ways” has garnered the group a lot of attention from Pacific Northwest music scene and has landed them on Seattle festivals such as Beltown Bloom and Capital Hill Block Party.  CHECK OUT THE BANDS VIDEO FOR “WANTING MORE”: MORE INFO AT LA FONDAS WEBSITE:

Best of the Pacific Northwest For Winter 2022

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With shows in full effect and numerous tour festival announcements, NWCZ doesn’t want you to miss out on all the music still being released by Pacific Northwest artists. Here are some of our favorite artists and bands that have released songs and records this winter. King YoungBlood King YoungBlood is continuing to make a name for themselves with their soulful take on the modern rock sound. The band just released “A Thousand Songs” at the end of January and got announced to play this year’s Capitol Hill Block party along with the biggest names in music and tons of other amazing Northwest Acts. End Of Dayz This newer Seattle hardcore group just released two perfectly executed heavy hardcore tracks following …


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This is the music you ride out to battle to. An intense clash of thrash and speed metal guitar carried by precision drumming and topped by the piercing screeches of Amy lee Carlson’s voice to make uncompromising raw heavy metal the way it was intended. Solicitor draws from an 80’s heavy metal influence but the band is far from a rehash of nostalgia. No edges have been dulled in the making of this music. Solicitor’s style brings a much-needed balance to the current sound in the Pacific Northwest that I don’t see a lot of the newer bands touching. Check out the band’s latest 7” that they released at the end of January. Titled “All Debts On Death”