New Northwest Music: Land Of Wolves – Conditions For Survival

Trevor Jastad Audio, Music

Out come the wolves!

Seattle’s Land of Wolves comes at you with 16 new tracks of thrash and east coast inspired punk and hardcore. 16 songs is a pretty rare thing for a hardcore record but the wolves execute a lot of diversity with the tracks by presenting a wide display of the band’s influences. Bands that come to mind while listening to this release are Agnostic Front (Specifically Cause For Alarm), Death Threat, and Wisdom In Chains. The most note-able tracks for me are Plague City and Played Out. Land of Wolves is a Seattle band that puts for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for better or for worse. CRANE CITY HARDCORE FOR LIFE!

Listen to “Feels Like The Truth” Here:

Check out their live set from last years bridge city fest live sessions:

Stream and support the full record for “Conditions For Survival” Here: