• Gumbo & Gospel – Sundays – 8AM TO 10AM PST

  • Sunday Morning Jazz on NWCZ Radio

    Sunday Morning Jazz – Sundays 10am to 2pm pst

  • On Solid Ground on NWCZ Radio!

    On Solid Ground – Sundays 5-6pm pst

  • Front Row on NWCZ Radio!

    Front Row – Sundays 6-8pm pst

  • Life Elsewhere on NWCZ Radio!

    Life Elsewhere – Mondays 5-6pm pst

  • Comedy Of Errors on NWCZ Radio!

    Comedy Of Errors – Saturdays 5pm to 6pm pst

  • Law Dogg Music on NWCZ Radio!

    Law Dogg Music – Tuesdays 4-6pm pst

  • The Family Meeting on NWCZ Radio!

    The Family Meeting – Tuesdays – Live in Studio 6-7pm pst

  • Tuesday Metal Mayhem on NWCZ Radio!


  • Night Waves – Tuesdays – 11pm-12am pst

  • Dead Air – Wednesdays – 8-9pm pst

  • CooperTalk on NWCZ Radio!

    CooperTalk – Wednesdays – 10-11PM PST

  • Center Stage – Thursdays 6-7pm pst

  • The Spud Goodman Show on NWCZ Radio!

    Spud Goodman Show – Live – Thursdays 8-9pm pst

  • Mostly Metal on NWCZ Radio!

    Mostly Metal – Thursdays – 10-11pm pst

  • Blast Off with Johnny Rocket – Fri 5-6pm
  • Rock Candy on NWCZ Radio!

    Rock Candy – Live in Studio – Fridays & Saturdays 8-11pm pst

  • RockIT on NWCZ Radio!

    RockIT – Fridays – 11PM-1AM

  • Black N Blues – Saturdays 3PM TO 5PM

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  • Live Programming Every Week

    Thur – Spud Goodman Show
    Fri & Sat – Rock Candy
    Sun – The Big D Show

  • Live Remotes

    We broadcast live from some of the biggest events every summer in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Locally Produced Shows

    Every day we stream some of the best locally produced shows on the internet from comedy to 70’s style DJ music shows to various interview with music formats. NWCZ Radio has you covered!