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Seattle’s Kaizo delivers brings sounds of current metallic hardcore to the Pacific Northwest with Discard: Volume II. Kaizo brings the spirit of early 2000’s metalcore such as remembering never and dead to fall to the more relevant sound of bands such as knocked loose and left behind. A band made of most Seattle transplants and yet still very much champions the northwest hardcore diy spirit with being involved in booking shows in the king county area. For a band that has only been active for two years, they have put in a lot of work and deserve your attention. Check out the latest Kaizo release here: https://kaizoband.bandcamp.com/album/discard-vol-ii

NWCZ Band Of The Month April 2022 – TOARN

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Everett Washington metalcore unit Toarn has been repping Pacific Northwest music for the better part of a decade creating their own brand of metalcore that fuses early 2000’s metalcore influences that pull from bands such as norma jean, haste the day, zao, and living sacrifice and bring it to current and meshes with more current styles of metalcore and deathcore. Their latest LP titled “Lament” has its own authentic style that sets itself apart from current Pacific Northwest metalcore bands. Crushing breakdowns, a wide range of low and piercing vocals with Classic metalcore dissonant chords we have all come to love. If you are a fan of northwest heavy music then toarn is well worth your time. MUSIC VIDEO FOR …

Adam Ant - photo by CFrye

Adam Ant Kings Of The Wild Frontier, Live 2017

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Adam Ant Kings Of The Wild Frontier, Live 2017 w/The Glam Skanks Adam Ant blew the roof off the Neptune Friday night, where he played his Kings of the Wild Frontier album start to finish to a capacity crowd. After he was done with that, he rolled straight into other favorites like Goody Two Shoes and Prince Charming. He even threw in a Get It On cover during the encore. Everyone was there start to finish & sang along with every song. Adam hand-picked the Glam Skanks as a direct support show for the tour. They’re an all-girl rock band from the west-coast and they did an awesome, bang-up job! With short skirts & tons of glitter, they were as …