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Seattle Music Insider, Greg Roth, is a multi-media music journalist. Music is his great passion.  Not only has he written, composed and performed live music in various genres throughout his life – but his unique ability to understand the process of how music is created informs and brings a special perspective his writing.

Greg Roth

In 2009, he became a contributing writer for the Seattle (See his articles here.)

Roth interviews a wide variety of artists, from classic rockers and contemporary acts to up-and-coming local bands.  Roger Daltry of The Who, Al Green, Blues Traveler, Wheedle’s Groove, Fitz and the Tantrums, Cody Bebee & the Crooks, and Perry Acker are just a few of the artists he has spoken with.  In addition to one-on-one interviews, Roth reviews events and festivals such as Synergia Northwest and Sasquatch.

Roth appeared on KOMO News Radio in 2010 as a music correspondent forBumbershoot, reporting the daily highlights.
Roth’s work on SMI comes from his philosophy that music builds community.  Music is the universal language.  It has the power to unite people of ever race, religion, gender and persuasion.

So come along for a trip inside Seattle’s astounding and diverse music scene!  Drink in the 360 degree coverage as Roth brings you the inside stories of musicians and their art!  As Seattle Music Insider, Greg Roth spotlights the best in local musicians and events to serve the broader community through the power of music.

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