The Family Meeting

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Do you want to laugh at other people’s expense (and let’s be honest who doesn’t)?  Join “The Family Meeting” every week for John, Christa, and Jason’s unique views on news, life, NW music and Family. Just remember what is said at the Meeting stays at the Meeting… or gets told over and over again until it’s not funny anymore.  This show has been on the air for two years and are approaching their 100th episode.  If  you have not been introduced the the rants and off the wall conversations you will hear on this show its about time you start listening.  Some of the segments you will hear are:

  • Christa’s News – News from around the world( mostly Florida, they are crazy down there )
  • Ask the Bambino – We know you all got some messed up lives and need some help from time to time .  So why  not seek out some help from someone how has your best interests in mind( well… maybe not your best interest, but it will be interesting)
  • and many conversations about recent topics in John, Jason and Christa’s lives.  So make sure the kids got their ear muffs on and tune in or listen to recent episodes below.

The Family Meeting Crew



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