A Fire Inside (rocks) the Showbox!

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 The Blood Tour 1.25.17 AFI w/Souvenirs and The Chain Gang of 1974 Last Wednesday the Showbox had A Fire Inside (Get it? A Fire Inside the Showbox? AFI? That’s funny!), along with some Souvenirs and The Chain Gang of 1974. All these bands played to a sold out crowd that was ready to rock. Everyone was there to see AFI, but gave a great Seattle welcome to the Souvenirs and The Chain Gang of 1974, both out of Southern California with different styles of music that meshed well together. The show started out kinda slow with the Souvenirs mellow rock, but picked up speed pretty quick with The Chain Gang. Then went from zero to a hundred in about .1 seconds …

Bumbershoot 2015 photo by cFrye

Bumbershoot 2015: A Festival in Review

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Share this Post Written by Jayme Fisher – Photos by cFrye Times, they are a-changin’ for Seattle’s quirky little darling Bumbershoot Festival. The once reasonably priced, family-friendly event each Labor Day weekend in the middle of Seattle Center has gone the way of the buffalo. In it’s place; long lines, scantily clad twenty-something’s and astronomical ticket prices. Non-musical performances were grossly under-attended; the amount of local vendors shrunk considerably and art exhibits like Flatstock were almost non-existent. Local music was largely sequestered to the smallest stage, which also happened to be the furthest away from most of the action. In essence, Bumbershoot 1.0 has outgrown itself, and is now being forced to wear Bumbershoot 2.0’s new hip shoes. However, with …

GOTR Stopover, Walla Walla photo by cFrye

Gentlemen Of The Road take over Walla Walla

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Share this Post The idea of “Gentlemen Of The Road (GOTR) Stopovers” was to bring a giant show to tiny towns around the world that usually doesn’t host such activities. It encouraged camping with fellow concert-goers, checking out the local town scene, eating good food, drinking good drinks, and getting to know new people. It was a Mumford and Sons idea and they wanted to throw a party like these little towns have never seen before. And that’s exactly what happened. Walla Walla was turned into a giant party! The whole downtown area was dressed up and decorated with the GOTR theme, to welcome 22,000+ visitors. Whitman College ball field hosted the main stage, while two smaller stages were spread …

Sonics setlist

The Sonics at The Moore

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Share this Post The Sonics are out promoting their first new album since 1967!  They kicked off a month long, 12 stop tour at The Moore Theater with The Intelligence and Mudhoney to support them.  It was a really great show with a crowd that clearly there to see The Sonics. The Intelligence, a local band that describes themselves as “lo-fi post-punk” started the night with a great set.  Followed by Mudhoney, who is always awesome.  It was kind of funny (the weird kind) though, nobody seemed THAT into them.  After “Touch Me I’m Sick”, as about 3 people stood up, Mark Arm commented “Ya know, I’m old too. Wish I had a chair.”  So the drummer, Dan Peters, offered …

Stone Temple Pilots photo by cFrye

Stone Temple Pilots!!!

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Share this Post Opening the evening was Dreamers, a trio from Brooklyn. Strangely enough, two of the band mates were originally from Seattle. So you know they got tons of crowd support. They were good too, and played an energetic eight song set. Check them out on Facebook and give them a listen on Soundcloud: Check out the NWCZradio Facebook page for more photos! Facebook Photo Album

Marilyn Manson photo by cFrye

Marilyn Manson & Deap Vally: The Hell, Not Halleluja Tour 3.26.2015

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Share this Post The show was sold out and the Showbox was packed from the begining to the end. These were smart fans! The entire show was a blast & it appeared that everyone was having a great time. Deap Vally is a rock duo consisting of Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums and vocals). According to Wikipedia, the two met in a crochet class. Well, opening for Marilyn Manson is about as opposite from crochetting as you can get! These girls are an amazing bundle of organized noise and put on a great showing. They’re promoting their debut album “Sistronix” and have fun track names such as Creeplife, Gonna Make My Own Money, Walk of Shame. If …