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The Johnny Rocket Launchpad is a Seattle based podcast which takes a more Liberty driven and Conservative view, while being in an overabundant Liberal city. Johnny Rocket (from the Hot Roddin’ Romeos) teams up with his long-term audio producer Curt Nelson (Tommysound), and Heather Nixon to tackle many controversial topics, and also to bitch about things they are tired of. Be advised this is a adult show with strong language, not intended for a younger audience. Recorded at Tommysound Studios in White Center Seattle.

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is originally from the outside of Chicago, Johnny has always had a passion for music, and art. Johnny started his appreciation for music at an early age. He was first introduced to music, with the Beatles, and Elvis Presley records, coming from a musical family and background. Johnny’s mother “Susan “Rusty” Walker was also a lead singer and song writer during the 1960’s and 1970’s and has worked with acts such as: Count Basie and his Orchestra, Ike and Tina Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chicago, and Rufus before Chaka Khan. Her influence in the entertainment business was a major attribute to what he does, and is today. During his high school years Johnny’s talent for drawing, and illustration began to develop. He started his own comic book publishing company “John Boy Comics”.

After high school, Johnny found himself in the military, as a Private in the United States Army. He found himself in South Korea, the Philippines, and stationed within multiple locations around the United States. He quickly climbed the ladder and was in charge of six soldiers and their families by the age of twenty-four, and a Staff Sergeant. His desire to succeed in the military was the catalyst for him to become a Warrant Officer, and pilot helicopters. Johnny has spent a large majority of his life as a soldier in the U.S. Army. Johnny was an OH-58D “Kiowa Warrior” pilot in the 4/6 Air Cavalry.

After time well served in the military, Johnny’s musical demands needed to be met. Johnny’s passion for rockabilly, blues, rock n’ roll, and jazz was all the fuel that was needed that ignited the Northwest band “Hot Roddin Romeos”. Johnny’s passion for creativity, music, technology, and entertainment, has put him in the perfect place as a music producer, and a local artist.

Recently being upset with the current political agenda of the duelist two-party system, Johnny has also been working on spreading the word of Freedom and Liberty. Johnny has quickly found like-minded people in the Libertarian Party. Johnny has recently started his newest project “The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad”. Which explores his Libertarian viewpoints, which combined with alcohol, music, and Johnny’s crass and brass behavior is sure to entertain!


is a professional audio engineer. Curt has worked with Michael Bland (Drummer for Prince and the New Power Generation), Adrian Belew (Guitar player for David Bowie, Frank Zappa, King Crimson and more), Motley Crue, Megadeth and many others. He has also been a professional musician for 20 years as well.

As a graduate of The Art Instituted of Seattle, Curt enjoys a career as a live sound engineer, studio engineer and producer in the greater Seattle area currently. Curt and Johnny Rocket connected at The Art Institute and went on to record two records together with: Jar of Rain and the Hot Roddin’ Romeos.

While the world of broadcast sound and Podcasting is admittedly a bit new to him, Curt thoroughly enjoys the process of working with the “Johnny Rocket Launch Pad” and the making of the show. Curt’s input as a co-host is an exciting new opportunity for him, and also a good opportunity to share his political beliefs.


is a Tacoma born girl, who has lived in the Pacific Northwest her entire life. Heather is a strong supporter of local music, freedom, and liberty. Heather grew up listening to “The Spud Goodman Show” in Tacoma. She has always secretly wanted to get into radio, and entertainment. Coupled with her Host Johnny Rocket and Curt Nelson, she immediately became “the voice of reason” to Johnny’s and Curt’s more colorful opinions, and alcohol-related behavior.

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