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“Streaming Quality Jazz Around The World” with a focus on the Independent Jazz Artist on NWCZ…Hosted by Kevin McBride.

Kevin McBride

Kevin McBride is a product of the Great Northwest, born in Tacoma WA. and remains a lifelong resident of the area.
He started out on TV as a very young kid helping to advertise products on some local Kid’s programs and as luck would have it at this early age his next door neighbor was the number one DJ on the radio side of this broadcasting company. Kevin loved to hang out in the control room and had a million questions for “Hal” the DJ, and Hal always had time to give him the answers. This was the start of Kevin’s quest to be on the air as a DJ.

He also had many friends who were young musicians and were forming garage and basement bands, much of that had to do with growing up around The Sonics –The Wailers – The Galaxies and many more great bands that were spawning in Tacoma.

With all this musical influence and the time spent at the local AM station no one was surprised when Kevin was finding himself attached to a couple of local AM and FM stations , working in promotions and even gaining fame as “The KTAC Sneaker Streaker”.

Then a door opened up for an on air spot as a FM jock in the Seattle / Tacoma market. Kevin seized this opportunity and pretty much the rest is history. Kevin always had a love for Jazz – Blues and R&B and created some well listened to Jazz shows over the years.  Move forward to 2014 and his meeting Darrell Fortune owner of NWCZ Radio and he knew with in the first five minutes this was where he wanted to build and create a high quality Jazz show. Darrell and he agreed that radio should be fun and if it wasn’t fun why would we do it.  As Kevin often says “NWCZ RADIO -Free Radio For Free People”.

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